UVa Email Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the UVa Email Login:

Steps to make sure you are on the correct UVa Email Login page:

1. Open the following link into your internet browser by clicking on this link as we have provided it for your benefit here: https://email.healthsystem.virginia.edu/my.policy.

2. Enter your username into the field that has been provided there for your username.

3. Enter your password into the field that has been provided there for your password.

4. Click the login button in order to access your account.


If you happen to be still experiencing difficulty with accessing the UVa Email Login page, view the following note:

NOTE: If you need to recover any of your login credentials for the UVa Email Login page, you will need to reach out to one of the contact details provided later in this article. There are currently no online processes to resolve any credential issues.




Here are the contact details should you need further information regarding the UVa Email Login page or other departments just in case you need them.

Customer Service



Patient Representatives

Gift Shop

Patient & Guest Services/Lost and Found

UVa Health Resource Center

Social Work/Discharge Planning

Parking Information
434-924-1122 or 434-924-5147

Volunteer Services

Hearing and Vision Impaired Services
434-924-8312 (Voice)
434-924-8357 (TDD)

UVA Hospital (Medical Center)
1215 Lee Street
Charlottesville, Va 22908


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